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The History of Barnton
The development of Barnton over the years has been dramatically influenced by its waterways. Back in the 18th century Barnton was a farming community consisting of around 200 people. The success of the Mid Cheshire salt industry, closely associated with the passing of the Weaver Navigation Act in 1721, stimulated economic growth in the local area leading to the expansion of Barnton. Further dramatic growth was evident after the construction of the Trent and Mersey Canal in 1775 which initiated development of the canal basin at the mouth of Barnton Tunnel. Over 150 years Barnton’s landscape was shaped by economic growth leading to construction of housing and businesses and by mid 19th century was the most densely populated non market town in Cheshire. Another industrial highlight during the late 19th century was the establishment of a chemical Industry at Winnington by Brunner and Mond.

If you take a walk around the village today there is still some of the old Barnton still visible such as the quaint row of back to back houses on Bell’s Brow at the top of Barnton Hill built in 1810 to accommodate labourers. The Parish church built mid 1800’s and the Vicarage stand proudly on Church Road overlooking the Brunner Mond chemical works and are two of the more architecturally desirable buildings which remain in the village. Further along at Church Road junction stands the old Police Station which was built in 1902 for the sergeant who lived on Bells Brow. It contained an office, an interview room and three cells.

There are two main recreation parks to help accomodate the growing number of children in the village. Nursery Road Recreation Park used to be called the 'Old Rec' and has been developed by Barnton Parish Council in recent years on land formerly bought and leased by Brunner Mond and Company. Runcorn Road Recreation Park was developed on land left over from the Cockshutts Field housing development built along Runcorn Road. The land was generously given to the Parish Council by Mr and Mrs H. Hazelhurst to commemorate the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

Barnton became known as "Jam Town" long before the council estate was built. It was known as that in the late 1800's due to so many people owning and not renting their homes. "People in Barnton eat Jam butties so that they can own not only their own houses, but buy their neighbours too!"
Below are some extracts and pictures kindly provided by Mr G.H. Buchan, author of ‘BARNTON - A Portrait of Times Past’ and 'BARNTON - Through Changing Scenes of Life'  which we hope will provide you with a flavour of the old Barnton.

The Canal Basin
Prior to the construction of the Trent and Mersey Canal in1775 the common land in the valley below Smithy Brows was waste and agriculturally useless.The canal engineers flooded the valley, forming a basin at the entrance to Barnton Tunnel. During the next 100 years the land around the canal basin was developed into a thriving industrial community.

The land between Tunnel Road and the canal was called ‘The Piece’ and was used by local housewives as a drying ground for washing. For one hundred years the scene was dominated by the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.

Much of the development at the canal side took place after the sale of common land in 1859. The Navigation Inn was built in 1860 by Ambrose Cottrell. The grocery shop next door was owned by one of Cottrell’s descendents.
Barnton Hill
Known in the 19th Century as Red Hill. The Victorian houses and shops in the centre of the picture were erected on common land sold by the township in 1859. At the near end of the row there once stood a public house trading under the name of the Farmers Arms or, as known by the locals, the 'Corner Cupboard'.

In 1865 William Hickson, a flatman on the River Weaver, purchased property on the high road below Bell’s Brow. Here he erected the Travellers Rest Inn. The building was designed by the Northwich architect S.I.Long.
The Ketch Well
Situated near to the main road opposite Princes Park, this was one of Barnton's most popular sources of water before the mains supply. The facility was removed prior to the construction of Grange Road.

The Ketch Well outside Catchwell Cottage (now The Poplars) at the corner of [now] Grange Road and Runcorn Road.
Source: A History of George Hindley 1775-1849 (1775GEOR/2); John P. Birchall;
Lydyett Lane
Lydyett or Lidiartis derived from two Old English words ’hlid geat’ meaning ‘swing gate’ and referring to the gate in the lane to prevent cattle from straying from pasture onto the arable land.

From earliest times the inhabitants of Barnton obtained their drinking water from wells and streams within the township. At the end of the 19th Century a domestic distribution system was installed. Water flowed by gravity from a covered reservoir in Little leigh to Gunnersclough where it was pumped to a water storage head tank which stood at the corner of Lydyett Lane and Townfield Lane
The Shoots
In days before use of motorcars, the footpath provided a well used short cut between Nursery Road and Winnington Bridge, and was popular particularly with the employees of Brunner Mond and Co.The bridge, of steel construction, carries the ‘Shoots’ across the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Right: Map of Barnton from 1945. Runcorn Road is visible from top left corner to the bottom middle of the picture. Townfield Lane is the road running roughly parallel, and joins Runcorn Road in the top left corner.
Townfield Lane
As the name implies this lane was the main access to the Higher and Lower Townfields, the ancient open fields where many of Barnton’s farmers cultivated strips of land.
Local Amenities and Services

Chem Dry Charlie Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialist     01606 784579
Mr Steam (Carpet, Upholstery & Curtain Cleaning), 81 Hayes Drive     01606 75393 or 07973 822009
Northwich Decorating Company, 1 Alamein Road     01606 74724 or 07790 846209
The Home Front Cleaning Company (oven cleaning)     07540 874677

A Cut Above, 76 Runcorn Road     01606 720882
Aileen Stock, 18b Lydyett Lane     01606 74908
Coopers Family Hair Centre, 49 Lydyett Lane     01606 74652
Copper Beech Salon, Snowdon Street     01606 74894
Cutting It By Mel, 107 Runcorn Road     01606 783355
Steve's Hair Centre (Barbers), 1a Lydyett Lane     01606 76030

Cheshire Traveline (Local and National Bus Services)     0871 2002233
Cheshire Dial a Ride, Anderton     01606 784497
Community Care for the Elderly, Northwich     01606 784100

R & J Motors, Church Road     01606 783723
Lawton Motor Engineers, Anderton     01606 784531 or 07554417929
Ian Norrey School of Motoring, 33 Rowan Rise     07863207051

A.G Treecare and Landscaping, Church Road, Barnton     07731 484357
Barnton Travel (Taxis), 33 Hindley Crescent     01606 872000
Essendene (Residential Care for the Elderly), 199 Runcorn Road     01606 781182
F. Hayes & Son (Funeral Directors), Windyways, Lydyett Lane     01606 74665
Holistic Therapist, Jane Carter,     07947578697
Narrow Boat Services, Barnton Wharf, Tunnel Road     01606 783320 or 07949958895
Sound Technique (Music Tuition), 123 Runcorn Road     01606 872474
Ken Bruce Architectural Services, Old Vicarage, Stoneheyes Lane     01606 892777
Northwich Auction Antiques and Collectables Centre, The Old Red Lion Pub, 2-6 Runcorn Road     01606 76222

The Barn Owl Public House, Manor Drive     01606 783628

Barnton DIY Shop, 38 Lydyett Lane    01606 74573
Barnton Pharmacy, 76 Runcorn Road     01606 74671
Barnton Post Office, 76 Runcorn Road     01606 74712
Christian Community Ministries, 105 Runcorn Road     01606 782244
Co-Op Convenience Store, Lydyett Lane     01606 784187
Co-Op Pharmacy, Broadway     01606 783178
Grooms Laundry Service, 110 Church Road     01606 782970
Hormbrey Butchers, 125 Runcorn Road     01606 74725
Premier Convenience Store, 157 Runcorn Road     01606 75188
Northwich Therapies, 88a Church Road, Email:     07707 259818
Paper Shop, 55-57 Lydyett Lane     01606 74120
Rose Bank Farm (Fruit, Vegetables and Home Grown Potatoes), Runcorn Road     01606 74004
SPAR, Garage, Runcorn Road     01606 76461

Barnton Kebab House, 71 Lydyett Lane     01606 76925
Barnton Pizza, 99 Runcorn Road     01606 872477
Eastern Spice, 51/53 Lydyett Lane     01606 786600
Top Chef Fish and Chips/Cantonese Cuisine, 119 Runcorn Road     01606 75119

Bennetts Joinery Ltd, Townfield Lane    07979500141
Cube Lighting Design,     07585 679226,   
Dave Bishop (Kitchens, Bathrooms & Home Improvements)     01606 782448
David Morris (Plasterer)     07713105801
Dickens & Son Building Services (Plumbing, Joinery, Painters & Decorators), Runcorn Road    01606 781970 or 07813685835
Geoff Ashdown (Locksmith & Safe Engineer), Oakwood Lane    01606 781461 or 07899 954094
J Mills (Builders & Oil Painting Workshops), 26 Oakwood Lane    01606 786626
TB Electrics & Home Improvements, 3 Firtree Close,     01606 781718 or 07979 233460

Christ Church
Rev. David Mock
Sunday 9.00/10.45 and 6.30
Wednesday 10.00

Our Lady Of Fatima
Priest: Father Farrell
Tel no: 01606 853339
Mass - Sunday  09.00

Methodist Church
Minister: Duncan Ibwri
Tel: 01606 786780

Life Church
(formerly Pentecostal Church)
Blackcroft Avenue, Barnton
Pastor: Andy Webb
Tel no: 01606 781965

Barnton Guide, Brownies and Rainbows (Sue Greenwood), Barnton Primary School (meeting venue)     01606 76408
Barnton Scout Group (Brian Flint),      01606 781591
Barnton Silver Band,,
Barnton Variety Theatre Workshop (Anne Peers), 3 Oaktree Close    01606 77480
Dance Classes (Sue Morgan), Barnton Memorial Hall     07816832270
Mid Cheshire Amateur Operatic Society (David Parks), Oakwood Lane     01606 871233
Northwich Eagles Model Flying Club (John Wright), 2 Goodwood Close     01606 872653
Mid-Cheshire Camcorder Club, Graham Tortoishell,    01606 76168
Barnton and Frodsham Angling Club (Mr L Heesom), PO Box 297, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 4X
Barnton Cricket Club, Broomsedge, Townfield Lane,    01606 77702
Barnton Cricket Club, Bowls Section (Mr P Higgins), Broomsedge, Townfield Lane     01606 77702
Barnton Cricket Club, Squash Section (Mr Mike Washburn), Broomsedge, Townfield Lane     01606 77702
Barnton Youth Football Club (Mr Chris Dymond),     01606 79149 or 07756 856440 
Ju Jitsu (Steve Locket), Memorial Hall     01606 784542
Karate (Glyn Roberts), Memorial Hall     01606 851925 or 07812928225
Razzer's Runners (Alan Bell)     01606 784680
Barnton Football Club, Townfield, Townfield Lane, Barnton,

Barnton Library
Townfield Lane, Barnton, Northwich, CW8 4LJ
Telephone: 01606 274360
Regular activities
Garden volunteers
Community engagement drop in
Help with homework
Adult reading group
Knitting group
Garden volunteers
Scrabble club
Help with homework
To write or not group (Creative writing group)
Weaver Vale Housing Trust - Employment Horizons
Story and Rhymetime
Garden volunteers
Family history advice
Meet your PCSO

Runcorn Road Recreation Ground is situated behind domestic properties on Runcorn Road. Access is via footpath along the edge of 227 Runcorn Road. This site is currently being developed.

Nursery Road Recreation Ground is situated on Nursery Road.
Access to this site can be made either on Nursery Road, or on Hayes Drive,
opposite the cemetery. On this site, facilities include a childrens' play area,
which has swings, roundabouts, slides and a climbing frame. Also, on this
recreation ground there is a skate park. The best access to this facility is off
Hayes Drive. A full-size football pitch is also contained within these grounds.
A dog walk is situated adjacent to this recreation ground.
DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED within the recreation ground or play area.

Grange Avenue, there is also a children's playground located here which is managed by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Barnton Community Nursery and Primary School
Townfield Lane, Barnton
Tel: 01606 74784
Headteacher: Mrs A S Williams; BSc (HONS) QTS,

Rosebank School
Townfield Lane, Barnton
Tel: 01606 74975
Headteacher: Mrs Lucy Lee

Townfield Lane, Barnton
Tel: 01606 75153
Barnton Memorial Hall we have facilities for use by the private
and business sectors who may wish to use the hall for events,
training, conferences or fitness classes.

Oakwood Medical Centre, Broadway, Barnton
Opening Times
Monday: 08:00-20:30
Tuesday-Friday: 08:00-18:30
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED
Appointments line
01606 544241
Monday to Friday 08:30-18:00
Emergency and Home visit line
01606 544240
Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00

Maps of Barnton
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