~~~ Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Customer Engagement Officer for Barnton

After working at Weaver Vale Housing Trust for the past 10 years I’ve recently moved into the role of Customer Engagement Officer for the Barnton area. So far I’ve had the chance to meet some fantastic residents of Barnton who are providing excellent opportunities and activities in the area and I can already see that Barnton has a great community within it. I’m really keen to help support and promote what’s happening in Barnton in the future and would love to hear more from the people that live in Weaver Vale Housing Trust properties as well. Weaver Vale is committed to hearing from our customers and offer lots of different opportunities to get involved and help shape the future of the Trust and the services we provide. If you want to know more about customer involvement or would like to speak to me about an event or activity in the area please contact me on 01606 813475 or gemma.massey@wvht.co.uk